Author Guideline

Scope of journal

IJPHCS is an open access international e-journal. IJPHCS publishes manuscripts with valuable insight to research, ideas and strategies of public health and public health-related clinical sciences. IJPHCS aims to publish high quality papers whether it is a Review Artivle, Research Article, Public Health Medicine Case Study or Continuous Education in all below mentioned disciplines.


Study areas include

IJPHCS publishes study in areas include:

  • all disciplines of public health research, review, report and case study
  • all aspects of public health-related clinical sciences discipline research, review, report and case study
  • all aspects of social research, anthropology, archaeology, economics, international relations, political science, sociology, history, economics, religion and law related with public health
  • all aspects of behavioural science research, neural decision sciences, psychology, cognitive science, organization theory, social neuroscience, organizational behaviour, organization studies, social networks related with public health


IJPHCS publish for every two months or 6 issues per year. All issue will be running issue and all officially accepted manuscripts will be published online. State-of-the-art running issue concept gives authors the benefit of 'Zero Waiting Time' for the officially accepted manuscripts to be published


The discipline covers:

•      Epidemiology and biostatistics

•      Health care management

•      Family health

•      Health promotion

•      Environmental health

•      Occupational health

•      Community medicine

•      Family medicine

•      Behaviour and Behavioural Changes

•      Occupational safety

•      Health Education

•      Health Services Research

•      Population study

•      Nutrition

•      Physical Activity

•      Injury and Violence

•      Road traffic accident

•      Health economics and financing

•      Hospital management

•      Health policy and planning

•      Community based patient management

•      All fields of public health-related clinical sciences


Types of manuscript

IJPHCS accept following types of manuscript;

  • Original research
  • Review
  • Survey report
  • Report on research in progress
  • Discussion on conceptual of research proposal
  • Methodological issues of research proposal
  • Outbreak management report
  • Public health aspect of disaster management report
  • Case studies
  • Policy paper
  • Technical report
  • Conference presentation
  • Education article (only by invitation).


We are also interested in:

  1. Reports on research still in progress – where an author can present an idea with theoretical background or discussing preliminary data.
  2. Research proposal or concept proposal of research – where authors can discuss theoretical background or methodological issues related with proposed research.
  3. Case study – in public health medicine or public health-related clinical case studies
  4. Reports on outbreak management or disaster management


All articles must be written in English (UK), and following specify format by IJPHCS.