1. Who can access IJPHCS international journal articles?
    Academicians, students, researchers and practitioners throughout the world can access IJPHCS.
  2. Any subsription fees to access IJPHCS? IJPHCS is international open access e-journal without any subscription fee.
  3. How quickly will I know the decision on my article? IJPHCS provides authors with a quick peer review service, providing the final decisions generally within four to six weeks.
  4. How long will it take from submission to online publication of my manuscript? IJPHCS aims to provide a rapid publication service faster than other traditional journals. Our policy is fast-tracking peer review and real-time publication.
  5. Do these IJPHCS is comply with the Wellcome Trust policy?
  6. How much is IJPHCS charging for article processing?
    IJPHCS do not charge for processing fee. We only charge for publication fees - please refer to our fees policy.
  7. Why IJPHCS charge for publication fee?
    IJPHCS charge for publication fees because to cover overhead cost for the maintenance of journal and website.
  8. Policy for discounted publication fee
    Please refer fees policy. Click Here to view fees policy.
  9. How do IJPHCS charges compare with other publishers?
    IJPHCS offer amongst the lowest of any publisher offering quality open access publication.
  10. Are any taxes included in this charge?
    Yes – any taxes imposed by Government of Malaysia already included.
  11. Are any bank charge included in the charge?
    No – the author responsibility to pay any bank charge during making payment.
  12. How do I pay?
    Please refer fees policy. Click Here to view fees policy.
  13. Who do I contact if I would like more information about IJPHCS?
    Please contact editorial of IJPHCS at: [email protected]
  14. What is the indexing status of IJPHCS journals?
    Please see the 'Indexing' page.