Advertisement Policy

You are welcome to advertise in our website for advertisement.

1. Currently our rate for the advertisement base on monthly basis, it is RM300 per month.

2. Content of the advertisement will be reviewed and required to be prior approved by Subcommittee of Community Health Society of Malaysia (CHSM) the owner of website.

3. One text link (approx 30-40 characters) will be placed in the home page of a specific journal in the announcement section. The mentioned text link will guide the visitors to one dedicated simple webpage in our server with simple text and pictures (no animation), which will be provided to the customer.

4. Payment terms: Upfront payment of 50% at the time of soft contract and starting of work. Remaining 50% should be paid within 2 days of uploading of advertisement in our website.

5. No change will be allowed after the launching of the advertisement.

6. Customers should agree all the general terms and condition of owner of website (CHSM).