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International Journal of Public Health and Clinical Sciences (IJPHCS)
Open Access e-journal ISSN : 2289-7577


Diena Nur Khayati, Mateus Sakundarno Adi., Suhartono ., Subchan .


Background: Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) infection is the most important arboviral disease in humans based on the geographical distribution, morbidity and mortality. It is transmitted by person to person by Aedes sp. In Indonesia the trend of Incidence Rate (IR) What is IR?   Is it incidence rate? Please clarify. in DHF in 2015 to 2016 increased from 50.75 to 78.85 For the number, dot is usually used instead of comma sign (50.75 and 78.85). per 100.000 residents, and decreased in 2017 to 26.10 per 100.000 residents. One of the regencies with high IR of DHF in Central Java Province is Temanggung regency. In 2017, Temanggung regency was in the third position among the highest in Central Java. With the existence of cases each year, it revealed that there were endemic villages of DHF. Until June 2018, there were 56 endemic villages scattered in 19 endemic sub-districts in Temanggung Regency so that it was necessary to analyse the distribution patterns in order to predict and analyse DHF and be able to plan to prevent it.

Materials and Methods: This research applied descriptive research with spatial analysis. It used secondary data taken from the Public Health Office in Temanggung regency. The data were processed spatially using the ArcGis application by overlaying an administrative map with a map of the highway and height of the region.

Result: There were 35 endemic villages (62,5%) from 56 endemic villages were scattered along the main road and other roads. This could be related to population density and mobility. Based on height, WHO stated the ability of mosquitoes to survive and breed below 1000 meter above sea level (masl) What is masl? This should have been written as meter above sea level . As many as 54 (96.4%) endemic villages were at height below 1000 masl, while 2 (3.6%) villages were above 1000 masl.

Conclusion: The distribution characteristics of the endemic villages in Temanggung regency follow the pattern of major highways and other roads and height below 1000 masl.

Keywords: DHF, Endemic Villages, Highway Patterns, Height, Risk Factors

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