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International Journal of Public Health and Clinical Sciences (IJPHCS)
Open Access e-journal ISSN : 2289-7577


Devi Octaviana, Dian Anandari, Sri Nurlaela



Background: DHF and Chikungunya cases in Banyumas, Indonesia lead to mosquito breeding sites eradication program. However, District Health Office of Banyumas found incomplete report on recapitulation of mosquito breeding sites eradication village/sub district endemic dengue in 2014. It was one of low performance indicators of cadres in Banyumas. In order to maximize the success of their duties in guarding the program primarily to lower density of mosquito larva infected by dengue periodically and continuously, cadres’ knowledge related mosquito breeding sites is the most important basic.

Materials and Methods: It is a quasi-experimental research using pre and post-test design. The population is active mosquito breeding sites eradication cadres in every sub district in Banyumas. The samples are 36 people. Analyses using Wilcoxon test.

Result: The test results showed knowledge differences between before and after be educated at 7.008%. The post-test scores showed that almost all respondents' knowledge increased right after given lecture and simulation, especially knowledge of the breeding places of Aedes sp. (41.7% to 75%), forms of Aedes sp. cocoon (pupa stage) (52.8% to 94.4%) and the frequency of larva monitoring activities (69.4% to 88.9%).

Conclusion: Increased cadres’ knowledge on mosquito breeding sites eradication are expected to assist the government in preventing and combating disease transmitted by Aedes sp. mosquito. By giving lecture and simulation, basic knowledge can distribute to better report to get valid larva free index as a key indicator of dengue prevention program.

Keywords: Education, Training, Lecture, Simulation, Mosquito Breeding Sites

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