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International Journal of Public Health and Clinical Sciences (IJPHCS)
Open Access e-journal ISSN : 2289-7577


Azreena E., Arinah W.D.S,, Noor Haslinda I., Intan Syafinaz S.,, Faisal I, Muhamad Hanafiah Juni MHJuni, Rosliza A.M.



Introduction: A district hospital is a secondary referral level responsible for a district. To build a district hospital, adequate planning, design, management and maintenance are required. This article provides essential principles for planning district hospital services, pertinent to national health planners, managers and district team leaders as well as international agencies interested in district hospital services planning.

Methodology: A literature review was conducted through manual search, online database and related reports, articles, journals and other related publications pertaining to the principles of district hospital planning were reviewed. Sources were mainly from World Health Organizations (WHO) and Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia. Keywords used were district hospital, hospital planning, services planning, and principles.

Result: There are three main sections on district hospital services planning discussed in this article. The first section provides an overview of district hospital services consisting of the history, classification, roles and functions of district hospitals. The second section discusses the general principles of district hospital planning that includes the planning steps, services planning, equipment planning and manpower planning.  The district hospital planning steps consist of briefing stage, design stage, construction stage, testing and commissioning stage, operation and post-occupancy evaluation. The final section discusses about district hospital operational policy. Other important aspects of a district hospital planning are disaster preparedness and hospital efficiency.

Conclusion: District hospital services’ planning is a complex process in which various aspects need to be taken into account throughout the course. Therefore, comprehensive planning which requires a multidisciplinary approach is essential to ensure a district hospital functions efficiently and the population benefits from the services provided. 

Keywords: District hospital, hospital planning, services planning, principle, Malaysia

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