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International Journal of Public Health and Clinical Sciences (IJPHCS)
Open Access e-journal ISSN : 2289-7577


Liyanatul Najwa Z, Nadiatul Ima Z, Wan MK, Noor Haslinda I, Intan Syafinaz S, Hasneezah H, VC Anuratha S, Hafeez I, Faisal I, Rosliza A.M.



Background: In Malaysia, public health services sector are administered by the Ministry of Health through its central headquarters to the state and district offices. The District Health Offices particularly manage and coordinate the delivery of an effective, efficient and affordable health services in the districts throughout Malaysia.

Materials and Methods: The information and statistics used in this article are based on the data collected from reports, articles, and publications by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and journals published pertaining to the District Health Management in Malaysia. 

Result: A District Health Office is entrusted with two major roles; to deliver public health services and to manage resources within a district. Led by a Public Health Physician, it acts as a body to oversee the execution of the national health policies and strategies at the ground level and serves to enforce existing health related legislation. It is also responsible in disease monitoring and surveillance and also the achievement of specific health indicators for each activity. There are six major services provided by the District Health Office, namely the Family Health, Disease Control, Occupational Health, Food Quality Control, Health Education, as well as Environmental Health and Water Supply Services.

Conclusion: A District Health Office functions as the basic operational level in Malaysia healthcare system. Being the backbone in government healthcare system, it is essential to provide a well organised and integrated health service in delivering quality healthcare services to the population.

Keywords: district health, health services, health management, Malaysia, Public Health Physician

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