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International Journal of Public Health and Clinical Sciences (IJPHCS)
Open Access e-journal ISSN : 2289-7577


Ghada S.M. Al-Bluwi



Background: Dental caries is a considerable public health problem in young children (age 12 years and below) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) The aim of this work is to design a health promotion intervention aiming to reduce the prevalence of dental caries in Abu Dhabi children aged 6 years and below. If the intervention showed evidence of success this intervention can be generalized to the whole UAE.

Materials and Methods: Literature review was done to discuss the prevalence of dental caries and its determinants. Based on the findings, a health promotion intervention plan was proposed together with an implementation proposal and an evaluation plan.

Expected Result: Reduction of dental caries prevalence is expected among Abu Dhabi young children (6 years and below) and an increase in awareness about oral hygiene practice and eating habits among Abu Dhabi pregnant and new mothers are expected if this program was implemented properly.

Conclusion: There is high prevalence of dental caries and its risk factors in the UAE including Abu Dhabi. This will have an increasing economic and health impact on the UAE. Preventing dental caries and controlling its risk factors by a well-developed health promotion program will help to change the current situation to the desired outcome which is the reduction of dental caries dmft (decayed, missing and felt primary teeth) and prevalence in UAE children.

Keywords: health promotion intervention; Dental caries; children, United Arab Emirates.

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