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International Journal of Public Health and Clinical Sciences (IJPHCS)
Open Access e-journal ISSN : 2289-7577


Mat N., Samsudin S., Applanaidu S.D.


Background: This paper reviews the past studies on mental disorders in Malaysia since it becomes a threat in developed and developing countries. Past studies in other countries have investigated the relationship between mental disorders with at-work productivity loss. However, the issues between mental disorders and at-work productivity loss in Malaysia have remained unclear and vague. Hence, this paper aims to identify the effect of mental disorders on work productivity in Malaysia and sheds light on future research based on previously published evidence.

Materials and Methods: This paper summarizes and synthesizes the findings from previous studies on mental disorders in Malaysia and relates to productivity loss. The studies were identified by using electronic databases and the papers were selected according to the inclusion criteria to find relevant journal articles related to issues, prevalence, associated risk factors, and productivity.

Result: Mental disorders such as depression and anxiety are considered a common mental disorders in Malaysia. Most of the studies on mental disorders only determined the prevalence and associated risk factors but overlook the impact of productivity loss among workers. Besides, schizophrenia also costs a huge economic burden despite the low prevalence. Hence, this study enlightens future research to address the issue of productivity loss among workers due to mental disorders as it gives a substantial impact on the economic burden.

Conclusion: This study thus illuminates future research in Malaysia to resolve the issue of productivity loss among employees due to mental problems, as it has a direct economic burden.

Keywords: Mental disorders, depression, anxiety, productivity, risk factor 

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