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International Journal of Public Health and Clinical Sciences (IJPHCS)
Open Access e-journal ISSN : 2289-7577


Buhari O.I.N., Bolarinwa O.A., Adegoke A. A, Ogunmodede A.J., Oyeleke J., Oguntayo R., Adegunloye O.A., Malomo S.


Background: There is increasing concerns globally over the mental health of youths especially those in tertiary institutions of learning. University education is associated with stress and conflicts arising from the rigours of learning as well as the transition from dependent to independent life. It is therefore important to identify strategies useful for the improvement of the mental and social wellbeing of this unique stratum of the society.

Materials and methods: This study will be the first phase of a proposed three phase research. It will be a cross-sectional study that would utilize a multistage systematic randomization. It will assess mental health literacy, prevalence and risk factors for psychiatric morbidity, and preference for internet-based mental health intervention and its determinants. Data collection would involve the use of a semi-structured self–administered questionnaire on sociodemographic factors, a mental health literacy questionnaire (MHLq) and the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12). Descriptive and inferential statistics will be presented while regression model analysis will predict factors associated with mental morbidity and literacy. Results from this data will influence other phases which are aimed at designing appropriate mental health interventions for university students.

Expected outcome: This study is aimed at bridging the gap in literature concerning mental disorders among students in University of Ilorin. It would also provide baseline data for the development and implementation of suitable and sustainable interventions to reduce the burden mental ill heath among the students in the university of Ilorin in particular, and by extension students in other Universities across Nigeria.

Keywords: Research protocol, mental health literacy, psychiatric morbidity, university students/ tertiary institutions

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