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International Journal of Public Health and Clinical Sciences (IJPHCS)
Open Access e-journal ISSN : 2289-7577


Aref G. Aldabahi, Rosliza AM, Muhamad Hanafiah Juni



Background: Efficiency measurement has been of great interest as organizations attempt to improve their efficiency and productivity. Most worked were emphasised on efficiency measurement in hospitals. Focus were on hospitals to established and compared their relative productivity, considering the need to effectively utilize scarce resources available within them.  DEA is one of measurement tool commonly used in hospital efficiency study. DEA requires some model specification when use to examine technical efficiency of the hospital. This manuscript aim was to identify the model specification of DEA commonly used in measuring the technical efficiency of hospital.

Materials and Methods: Three databases, namely PubMed, CIHAHL and ScienceDirect were used for searching articles from 2013 to 2018. The search technique will involve the use of key words, “hospital”, “hospital inputs”, “technical efficiency”, “hospital efficiency”, “hospital outputs”, together with the “data envelopment analysis or DEA. Searching and screening were based on PRISAMA procedure.

Result: Twenty articles had extracted as a final result of the systematic review process. The number of DMUs was ranged between 9 and 322. Studies were varies in term on DEA model specification, and some studies were similar with other studies in regard to components of DEA model specification.

Conclusion: The DEA model specification has an ability to be customized based on researcher preferences and the objective of the study in order to measure hospital technical efficiency.

Keywords: Efficiency, hospital, data envelopment analysis, DEA

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