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International Journal of Public Health and Clinical Sciences (IJPHCS)
Open Access e-journal ISSN : 2289-7577


Salsabila Diar Kinanthi, Oedojo Soedirham



Background: Hospital as part of health promotion is an institution that has a strong position in the health care system to support health promotion activities that organizes a full range of personal health services include promotive, preventive, curative, and rehabilitative. The standard of community needs assessment as one of the standards of Hospital Health Promotion is reinforced by Hospital Accreditation Instrument of 2012. Indicator of hospital accreditation assessment on Patient Focused Service Standard Group. Providing effective health education is important in the health care provided to patients to reduce the number of clients to the hospital and minimize the spread of preventable diseases and also patient can get information for making their decision about their care (HAC, 2012.).

Materials and Methods: This study was a descriptive observational method with qualitative approach of case study type. The Instruments in this research are in depth interview guide and HPH observation form. The respondents determined by using purposive sampling technique with inclusion criterion is the person that in charge and related to Patient and Family Education at Islamic Hospital of Jemursari Surabaya

Result: Jemursari Islamic Hospital does not have a unit or department that responsible for patient and family education. No specific instrument to assess the need for hospital education needs to identify the resources of education. The hospital does not have supporting SPOs related to 6 patient service materials and has not conducted the supporting education regularly and planned. Jemursari Islamic Hospital provides various media in the form of leaflets and electronic visual media as well as various print media such as magazines, banners, posters and ensures patient service providers collaborate is a professional health professional provided to patients and families should prioritize the validity of information

Conclusion: Islamic Hospital have fulfilled most of the indicators as stated in HAC in 2012 based on 6 standards of patient and family education but in regulatory the absence of HPH working units at Jemursari Islamic Hospital caused the non-optimization implementation of health promotion especially in patient and family education.

Keywords: Health Promotion Hospital (HPH) , Patient and Family Education, HAC

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